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Cyber Sensing

The Southeast is a hub of defense technology and is a fast-growing area with a high number of large contractors nearby. Florida is a premier aerospace and space location, and has an evolving focus in Central Florida in the world of smart sensors. The 470+ industry companies excel in areas from aircraft parts and assembly, to intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, to missiles. The top eight Aerospace and Defense companies on the Fortune 500 list all have operations—including major manufacturing operations—in or near Orlando. Florida’s strengths in homeland security’s diverse components—including infotech, photonics, simulation and training, and biotech—makes it a supportive location for companies working with the latest technologies to secure our ports, detect threats, and enhance cybersecurity. The warm, sunny weather makes this another popular destination for attendees to bring their families. (Enterprise Florida).

Key Information

Tuesday, April Tu, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
Orlando, Florida United States
Cost: $370 - $870

Cyber Sensing | Conference

Tuesday, April Tu, yyyy

Orlando, Florida, United States