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Cybersecurity Conference Rhein-Main-Neckar

The Cybersecurity Conference Rhein-Neckar is a unique event concept that unites business, science and the public. The idea of ​​the Cybersecurity Conference came to the attention of the participants by recognizing that cyber security in German companies and households is by no means at the level at which it should be, in order to protect sensitive corporate data as well as personal data sufficiently against hacker attacks. In the era of digital transformation, there are hardly any processes in companies that are not supported by IT. Information technology has dominated our daily lives and has brought us into a certain dependency relationship. The Cybersecurity Conference will present a series of exciting lectures and practical examples from different perspectives on how cyber attacks can be tackled and how a company can best be protected against cyber attacks.

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Mannheim Germany

Cybersecurity Conference Rhein-Main-Neckar | Conference

Thursday, October 19, 2017 09:30 to 17:00

Mannheim, Germany