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Data Science & Cybersecurity Meet-Up

McLean-based Haystax Technology is hosting a Data Science & Cybersecurity Meet-Up as part of CyberWeek here in DC. Why attend? This group involves talks/discussions focused on cyber security topics (e.g., UEBA, threat analysis, compromised endpoints, insider threats, etc.) so that we may all share knowledge and benefit. It also shines light on how can we use what we learn to construct computational models (or, learn it from data) to construct systems capable of being deployed in production environments. With Bruce McIndoe, President of iJET International as guest speaker, iJET collects and leverages big data around the intersection of people and location to augment with logical data and create a holistic picture of the potential threat. What is DC Cyberweek? DC CyberWeek is a series of hundreds of distributed events powered by the tech community and complemented by core conferences, parties and projects created by the festival organizer, CyberScoop.

Key Information

McLean, VA United States

Data Science & Cybersecurity Meet-Up | Conference

Thursday, October 19, 2017 5 PM – 7 PM

McLean, VA, United States