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DataFocus 2018 - Jakarta

DataFocus 2018 will be organized in three tracks: Legal track– presentations delivered by practitioners and consultants on legal aspects of collecting, processing and presenting digital evidences in criminal and administrative proceedings; Investigation track – presentations delivered by practitioners and consultants on technical aspects of finding, preserving and processing digital evidences; Technical track – presentations delivered by exhibitors, presenting and demonstrating newest products, services and trends in digital forensic field. Agenda to be covered: Trends in Cybercrime; Cybersecurity infrastructure of modern country; Fight against child sexual abuse in Internet; Who Governs the Internet?; The Plague of 21st century; Cybercrime in fintech.

Key Information

Monday, March Mo, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
Jakarta Indonesia

DataFocus 2018 - Jakarta | Conference

Monday, March Mo, yyyy

Jakarta, Indonesia