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Enterprise Cyber Security Even

The cyber threat landscape is steadily growing in complexity, resource and sophistication just as technology becomes ever more advanced and permeates deeper into our personal and professional lives. Enterprises face renewed pressures as the preventative and reactive measures that have previously acted as the fixtures of corporate defence are no longer adequate on their own to ensure the safety of strategic assets (like mission-critical systems, devices, data, applications and users) in the face of targeted cyber-attacks. The safeguarding of intellectual property and data are now a crucial part of business strategy for every business sector. But as the number of threats and sophistication of attacks gathers pace, security becomes a formidable challenge. The latest National Cyber Security Strategy, launched in November 2016, has committed the UK government to keeping the nation safe and delivering secure public services in the face of burgeoning data breaches.

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London, England United Kingdom

Enterprise Cyber Security Even | Conference

Thursday, September 28, 2017 9:00 AM

London, England, United Kingdom