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European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC)

Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI) is an interdisciplinary field of research that focuses on the development, use, and evaluation of advanced information technologies, including methodologies, models and algorithms, systems, and tools, for local, national, and international security related applications. Over the past decade, the ISI research community has matured and delivered an impressive array of research results that are both technically innovative and practically relevant. The 2018 European ISI Conference is the nineth ISI conference to be organized by the European ISI community. The conference was first held in 2008, and has been organized annually since 2011.

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Tuesday, October Tu, yyyy
Event Duration: 3 Days
Karlskrona Sweden

European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC) | Conference

Tuesday, October Tu, yyyy

Karlskrona, Sweden