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Gartner Data & Analytics 2019 Conference

At the Gartner Data & Analytics 2019 Conference, we will help you create your future - a data-driven future you can trust, analysis you can believe, and insights that will help you make decisions that can completely change the future of your business . Join us for visionary sessions on how to: -Make analytics and insights part of each person's DNA, action, business process and decision making. -Develop a foundation of business confidence through security, privacy, data quality, and governance. -Create and execute a world-class Data & Analytics and Excellence strategy. -Modernize your infrastructure and adopt new architectural approaches to support digital transformation

Key Information

Wednesday, May We, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
Sao Paulo Brazil

Gartner Data & Analytics 2019 Conference | Conference

Wednesday, May We, yyyy

Sao Paulo, Brazil