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Hacktivity2022 NOW + NEXT IT Security Conference

Hacktivity often provides 2-hour, in-depth workshops on a variety of cybersecurity subjects in addition to the customary lectures at conferences and the programs of the exhibitors and sponsors. Since they began, roughly 10–12 thousand people have attended these intense courses. The organizers have been setting up intensive, multi-day specialized training sessions right before Hacktivity for the past three years, where renowned Hungarian and foreign instructors impart their knowledge, to those who would not be satisfied with the shorter training offered at the conferences. Over the previous three years, more than 50 students have taken part in our affordable small group sessions. Hacktivity works with specialized, in-depth training for IT professionals in addition to planning conferences and training. Employees of one of the top companies in the world recently successfully completed a 2-month on-site Malware Analysis training course offered by Hacktivity.

Key Information

Thursday, October Th, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
Budapest Hungary