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HAKON - International Information Security Meet Up

5th International Information Security Meet “ Hakon’2018, END of Hacking & Cryptography & Quantum Computing will Save the World. New lock, new house in a future world of quantum computers we will certainly have new encryption techniques, but the security of these techniques will be broadly comparable to those of today. The main reason of this is because the sources of weaknesses associated with encryption are likely to be just the same as they are today. Here’s why. Encryption is essentially a locking mechanism. A lock needs a key. If you put the best lock money can buy on the door of a house then you can be confident that the lock itself will not be broken. Quantum computing represents a new type of house, quantum-safe encryption a new type of lock that is fit for that house.

Key Information

Sunday, October Su, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
Indore India
Cost: Rs 2500 - Rs 8000

HAKON - International Information Security Meet Up | Conference

Sunday, October Su, yyyy

Indore, India