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HITCON (Hacks In Taiwan) Conference 2021

In the field of pure technology, there is no black and white. We believe that hackers represent superb technology and a spirit of challenge. Different from general seminars with a strong commercial nature, the Taiwan Hackers Annual Conference provides a stage for hackers to share the latest and most in-depth information security technology, face-to-face exchange of experience, and free conversations. The conference is very cautious about the content of the conference agenda. We want to ensure that the content published at the annual hacker conference is non-commercial security research, the latest trend discussion, or the level of hacking technology. We also hope that every session Speeches are the topics that participants most want to pay attention to. The Taiwan Hackers Annual Party is a gathering of hackers, and an annual party for hackers. In addition to the sharing of technology, you can also experience the real hacker culture. In the exchanges between hackers and the hacker com

Key Information

Saturday, September Sa, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
Taipei Taiwan, Province of China
Cost: NT$2,000