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Beyond 2030, 6G is expected to bring a new era of seamless and unrestricted connectivity between the internet and everyday life. Billions of connected humans and ‘things’ – robots, vehicles, drones and other devices – will generate zettabytes of digital information. If harnessed in the right way, 6G has the potential to positively impact almost all areas of society – how we live, how we work and how we take care of our planet. With early visions of 6G now emerging, WWRF’s 2023 Huddle will look at the drivers and goals that are going to be instrumental in ensuring these visions are realized, and the key challenges that are ahead in order for these to be delivered to the connected and unconnected society. It will look at the way in which 6G will start to merge the physical and the digital world and explore the ways in which existing and new technologies can come together to enable exciting new use cases and applications. By focusing on key themes such as security, and sustainability.

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Tuesday, May Tu, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
Singapore Singapore