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Infosecurity Belgium 2018, Data & Cloud Expo is a 2-day combined trade fair and conference. In addition to more than 130 exhibitors, you will also find theaters on the exhibition floor where both independent and commercial presentations are given by IT experts. It has been the offline and online meeting place for IT managers and IT professionals for more than 15 years to share ideas, techniques, services and trends about current IT topics. During, Data & Cloud Expo 2018, besides the 7 themes, the following hot topics will be discussed: 1) THE POWER OF CLOUD, 2) GDPR, 3) THREAT DEFENSE, 4) TECHNOLOGY TRENDS, 5) IMPACT OF DATA. Speakers: 1) Cain Ransbottyn, Co-Founder, Apporto; 2) Sintija Deruma, ISACA Latvia Chapter President, Cybersecurity & Privacy executive; 3) Peter Witsenburg, Digital Coach & Cloud Broker; 4) Stéphanie Vanroelen, Senior Pen Tester, Nynox; and many more.

Key Information

Wednesday, March We, yyyy 10:15 AM
Event Duration: 2 Days
Brussels Belgium
Cost: Free

Infosecurity Belgium 2018 | Conference

Wednesday, March We, yyyy 10:15 AM

Brussels, Belgium