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InfoWarCon 18

InfoWarCon 18 once again brings together a highly elite group of political, military, academic, DIYer, and commercial cyber-leaders and thinkers from around the world. We examine the current, future, and potential hostile use of cyber and related information technologies including how to neutralize the current ones. Since the initial InfoWarCon in 1994 we have hosted the event in multiple venues across the US and Europe. This year InfoWarCon runs November 1-3 with Training on Oct. 30 and 31 at the National Conference Center, Leesburg, VA.

Key Information

Thursday, November Th, yyyy 8:30 AM
Event Duration: 3 Days
Virginia United States
Cost: $400 – $1,175

InfoWarCon 18 | Conference

Thursday, November Th, yyyy 8:30 AM

Virginia, United States