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IoTSF Conference

The 4th Annual IoT Security Foundation Conference is a one-day event that follows on from the 2017 ‘Knowing It’s Safe To Connect’ and 2016 ‘Building an Internet of Trust’Conference at IET Savoy Place, 2015’s IoTSF Conference held at the Royal Society and the original IoT Security Summit at Bletchley Park. The 2018 IoTSF annual conference will bring vendors and users together with security experts, researchers and key stakeholders to discuss security “in the round”. Attendees will learn how companies are providing security capabilities and how users are implementing them. This will be framed by a bigger picture view of the contemporary issues and take a look into the future with a view from the research agenda.

Key Information

Tuesday, December Tu, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
London United Kingdom
Cost: £145 - £245

IoTSF Conference | Conference

Tuesday, December Tu, yyyy

London, United Kingdom