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In 2017, local collectives of information security professionals gathered together to start sharing knowledge and experiences here in Omaha. Many beers were had and slides discussed before culminating in a mission to gather knowledge seekers from across the Midwest to propagate their techniques and mastery. We welcome both seasoned professionals and novice beginners to network, share their wisdom, and learn from one another during our two days of affordable Cornhusker camaraderie. Laughs will be had and popcorn eaten at this intimate and enriching event. Our organizers are driven to provide both a new generation with the experiences that inspired us to love Infosec and bolster our community with a strong network of professionals. We are made stronger together.

Key Information

Friday, April Fr, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
Omaha, Nebraska United States
Cost: $135 - $1,000

Kernelcon | Conference

Friday, April Fr, yyyy

Omaha, Nebraska, United States