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Lonestar Application Security Conference (LASCON) 2022

Texas’s Lonestar Application Security Conference (LASCON) is an OWASP-affiliated conference that takes place every year in Austin, Texas. A total of 400+ online application developers, security engineers, mobile developers, and information security specialists will be present at the event. LASCON is hosted in Texas, which is home to more Fortune 500 firms, many of which are cybersecurity companies, than any other state, and it is held in Austin, which is a startup hotspot in the state of Texas, according to the organization. This conference brings together the CEOs and CIOs of these firms, as well as security architects and developers, to exchange cutting-edge ideas, projects, and technological developments.

Key Information

Thursday, October Th, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
Texas United States
Cost: $99 - $249