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Manusec Europe: Cyber Security for Critical Manufacturing

This series will bridge the gap between the process control and corporate IT senior level professionals, allowing them to discuss challenges, critical issues and debate best practice guidelines. The first European ManuSec Summit brings together senior security thought leaders to share best practices and find new ways of effectively addressing the current challenges. Why attend? Learn how to address the new challenges posed by ransomware and disruptive technologies; Understand how to make your processes resilient & your production plants breach-proof; Understand the steps to take to overcome the challenge of humans being the weakest link; Design a peer-to-peer communication channel to share insights on the latest threats; and more advantages. Steering Committee: Filip Geerts, Filip Geerts has been CECIMO Director General since 2008; Gunter Ollmann, CTO Cloud + Enterprise security; Quentyn Taylor, Director of Information Security for Canon Europe; and many more dignitaries.

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Munich Germany

Manusec Europe: Cyber Security for Critical Manufacturing | Conference

Wednesday, February We, yyyy 8:00 AM

Munich, Germany