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(Munich) Executive Education

Our 8-part Executive Introduction to Cybersecurity series are shorter courses designed to introduce managers, senior managers and executives to the most relevant cybersecurity topics to ensure they have the knowledge to make more informed decisions and better manage business risk. Executive Education Introduction to Cybersecurity – Foundational Information Security Concepts • Current global and local threat landscape including key statistics and the social activist, nation state and criminal threat actors; • Core information security functions typically found within an organization and the unique personality traits of those working within the domain; A discussion on the pros and cons of CISO organizational alignment within information technology or risk management; Key information security terms and industry buzzwords; Information security risk management from risk identification to likelihood and impact;

Key Information

Tuesday, August Tu, yyyy 9:00 AM
Event Duration: 1 Days
Munich Germany
Cost: $1,224.95 – $1,524.95

(Munich) Executive Education | Conference

Tuesday, August Tu, yyyy 9:00 AM

Munich, Germany