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Nigeria Cybersecurity Conference (NaijaSecCon) is Nigeria’s first of its kind 100% annual technical Cyber security Conference that uniquely merges information about the latest and relevant threats from a Nigerian context with live technical demonstrations and hands-on workshops. NaijaSecCon2018 is planned to attract over 500 cybersecurity professionals from various industries including Financial Services, Insurance firms, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, conglomerates, Tech Start-ups, Financial Technology (FinTech) companies, other privately-held organizations and also government Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) The first edition of NaijaSecCon held in Lagos on 4th May 2017 and was the highest-rated technical cybersecurity gathering held to date. A vast range of people were in attendance from including national and global Information Security practitioners, enthusiasts, evangelists, penetration testers, crypto-crackers, reverse-engineers and digital forensics analysts.

Key Information

Thursday, May Th, yyyy 10:00 AM
Event Duration: 2 Days
Lagos Nigeria
Cost: 20000 Naira - 31337 Naira

NaijaSecCon | Conference

Thursday, May Th, yyyy 10:00 AM

Lagos, Nigeria