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National Privacy & Data Governance Congress

The 2018 Congress is your opportunity to explore leading issues at the crossroads of privacy, access, security, law and technology. Network with peers and colleagues from industry and government to explore this year’s theme — The Road Ahead — Balancing privacy and the public interest. Get a clearer view of how privacy, access, security, compliance, law and technology intersect, and why that matters to you, your career, and your organization. The PACC Congress takes a refreshingly pragmatic approach. We think it’s important to offer a truly varied assortment of perspectives and experiences — that offer practical guidance. Speakers from different locations, industries and organizations offer a range of views that are never the same-old, same-old.

Key Information

Tuesday, March Tu, yyyy
Event Duration: 3 Days
Calgary Canada
Cost: $50 - $125

National Privacy & Data Governance Congress | Conference

Tuesday, March Tu, yyyy

Calgary, Canada