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NDC Security: Oslo 2022

Since its inception in 2008 in Oslo, the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) has swiftly grown to become one of Europe’s major cybersecurity conferences for.NET and Agile open space development. However, the conference has come a long way since then. Currently, NDC cybersecurity conferences are being held in Oslo, London, and Sydney. The conference is now known as NDC Conferences, and it is a 5-day event that includes two days of pre-conference seminars and three days of conference sessions. Despite the fact that the majority of NDC delegates have a.NET experience, NDC is no longer simply focused on.NET and Agile, but on all technologies of interest to developers. NDC takes pride in doing things differently and strives to provide the best developer experience.

Key Information

Monday, April Mo, yyyy
Event Duration: 4 Days
Oslo Norway
Cost: 7 490 NOK - 19 490 NOK