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The third international conference on practical cybersecurity OFFZONE 2020 will be held April 16-17, Moscow. This year, cybersecurity specialists, researchers and enthusiasts will meet at the Loft Hall #2. As usual, the focus will be not on business, but on practical issues, fresh research results, and the most relevant cyberthreat experience. As in previous years, the conference will have an additional dimension — an enthralling story-line lived out by the participants in the course of 2 days. The first OFFZONE located visitors in a disaster survival bunker. The second conference brought participants together to revive lost computing power, knowledge and technology. And this year, visitors to OFFZONE 2020 will be connected to unique artificial intelligence that accumulates all their skills and experience. Does the program really selflessly help people or pursue its own goals? Find out at OFFZONE 2020!

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