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OWASP Summit 2017

The OWASP Summit 2017 is a 5-day participant driven event, dedicated to the collaboration of Development and Security professionals, with a strong focus on DevSecOps. Unlike other conferences that use uni-directional presentations, at this 5-day event participants will work and collaborate in working sessions to create solutions for the most common security problems faced by the community. As Developers and Security professionals we know that the best work often happens when we take a collaborative approach. But in our day-to-day (work) lives it can be hard to find support and space to pursue bold ideas with energy and commitment. The OWASP Summit 2017 will be a meeting of like-minded professionals focused on solving hard security problems.

Key Information

Monday, June 12, 2017
Event Duration: 5 Days
London United Kingdom
Cost: £400 GBP - £1,200 GBP

OWASP Summit 2017 | Conference

Monday, June 12, 2017

London, United Kingdom