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PyCon AU 2018

The weekend of PyCon AU, traditionally the Saturday and Sunday, is the main conference event. We invite speakers from all backgrounds and levels of knowledge to share their experience and knowledge with our audience. The talks do not have to be about Python, but should be interesting for a Python-loving audience. Full details on the talk selection process will be available in our Call for Proposals. Following three days of talks, we hold space in our venue for two days of Development Sprints (sometimes shortened just to ‘Sprints’) Since you’ve travelled all the way to Sydney for a Python event, why not stay an extra day or two and stretch your legs in the new things you’ve learnt, or dive into some interesting projects you’ve heard about over the weekend? Development Sprints provide an unstructured location for projects and contributors to work in real time on their projects, or for people to hack about with various things with people with experts in their fields.

Key Information

Friday, August Fr, yyyy
Event Duration: 3 Days
Sydney Australia

PyCon AU 2018 | Conference

Friday, August Fr, yyyy

Sydney, Australia