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Retail Tech Conference & Expo 2017

AURO CONFERENCES is pleased to organize and announce the RETAIL TECH EXPO 2017 at Toronto CANADA. Retail TECH EXPO Canada features a wide array of retail solution vendors, retail focused software vendors and offers platform for your retail business solution needs. An elite platform to get solutions to align business & IT in your Retail organization. Retail TECH EXPO will focus on Technology & IT Innovations in the RETAIL SECTOR and would cater to payment solutions, e-commerce, Software & IT solutions, supply chain & logistics, database management, security, brand building, marketing solutions, employee records etc. This is an all in one EXPO for catering the RETAIL INDUSTRY. RETAIL TECH EXPO is a limited space elite exhibition and booking is available on first come first serve basis.

Key Information

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Event Duration: 1 Days
Toronto Canada

Retail Tech Conference & Expo 2017 | Conference

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Toronto, Canada