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ROOTCON 12 Hacking Conference

ROOTCON was founded back in 2008, the word ROOTCON is derivatives from the two words root (a unix super-user) and con as conference. The inception of ROOTCON was inspired due to the lack of legit security / hacking conference in the Philippines, how the conference is run is fully inspired from the worlds largest hacking conference in the world which is DEF CON, like DEF CON, ROOTCON controls and minimize product pitching from its sponsors which gives a hell of a boredom to its attendees. To maintain it's high-caliber talks, ROOTCON screens its speakers and topics through the Call For Papers.

Key Information

Thursday, September Th, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
Tagaytay City Philippines

ROOTCON 12 Hacking Conference | Conference

Thursday, September Th, yyyy

Tagaytay City, Philippines