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Secure CISO Los Angeles

Our biggest asset in Innovation is collaboration; the ability to benchmark efforts, strategies and tactics with like minded peers. We're harnessing a community of enterprise leaders & strategists for thought-leading exchange. Direction from the coveted CISOpanel CIOsynergy is all about collaboration; the CISOpanel steers that collaboration to focusing on what's really on the plate for IT leaders. A group of CISOs that expose their directions and chosen paths while innovating the landscape their enterprises run on. Moderated by Scott Shuster reveals uncut directions from within the Office of the CIO Keynote Charlie Miller is the world's most prominent Apple hacker, an InfoSec strategist now with Uber who made headlines when he hacked and stopped a SmartCar. A Collaboration Gathering Top CISO's & InfoSec Strategists Conversation

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Los Angeles, CA United States

Secure CISO Los Angeles | Conference

Thursday, December 01, 2016 9:30am - 4:30pm

Los Angeles, CA, United States