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SecureWV - Hack3rCon

Hack3rCon is a state of mind - Great talks, great friends, and lots of fun. SecureWV continues this tradition and builds on the foundation laid by Hack3rCon. The SecureWV Team has over 5 years experience running and hosting the latest InfoSec ideas and presentations and has established friendships and working relationships with the best and brightest in the region. This year SecureWV and Hack3rCon will be running three tracks: Speakers, Teachers and Forensicators. The Speakers track will be the "normal" talks and presentations that we all know and love. These will be 1-hour blocks which will be recorded and made available online as usual. The Teachers track is designed to help those who are new to the InfoSec world learn the skills and techniques needed to be more effective in their current and future endeavors. Classes will be 3 to 4 hour blocks and offer theory and lots of hands on training.

Key Information

Friday, November Fr, yyyy
Event Duration: 3 Days
West Virginia United States

SecureWV - Hack3rCon | Conference

Friday, November Fr, yyyy

West Virginia, United States