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Securing The Law Firm: Special Session

Securing the Law Firm: Special Session will bring in leaders from outside the legal industry to explain how they have built the teams, processes and technology stacks necessary to provide the critical foundations of cybersecurity. It is clear that recent high-profile hacks in the legal sector, in consultancy and in credit scoring are game-changers for professional firms. Senior management and partners have realised that digital infrastructure and cybersecurity are a bedrock of their business. Topics to be discussed: - Legal CISOs who have struggled or budget for years are saying that suddenly they have budget - Legal data security professionals say for the first time they are being asked to go on client meetings to re-assure clients about cybersecurity - Senior partners (budget-holders) admit publicly now that they are part of the problem - Barristers' chambers realise they too have a problem

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Thursday, January Th, yyyy 8:00 AM
Event Duration: 1 Days
London United Kingdom

Securing The Law Firm: Special Session | Conference

Thursday, January Th, yyyy 8:00 AM

London, United Kingdom