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ShmooCon Firetalks

Firetalks is a series of talks that happens after the main ShmooCon program is finished. Six speakers are given 15 minutes to dive right into the core of their content and present their ideas. Topics for Firetalks are rather open ended. It’s up to the submitter to convince us why their presentation is interesting. Several judges will be on hand, American Idol-style, to listen to and critique the speaker’s presentation on both style and content. This is meant to be done in a both a serious and humorous manner in front of the audience. After the event the judges will vote on the best talks — with the top three speakers being awarded some cool prizes to be presented at ShmooCon closing ceremonies.

Key Information

Friday, January Fr, yyyy 8:15 AM
Event Duration: 3 Days
Washington DC United States
Cost: $150

ShmooCon Firetalks | Conference

Friday, January Fr, yyyy 8:15 AM

Washington DC, United States