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SOURCE Training & Conference 2018

SOURCE is one of the only conferences that brings business, technology and security professionals together under one roof to focus on real-world, practical security solutions for some of the toughest security issues. We are one part hacker conference, one part CISO conference, and one part career/personal development event, seamlessly blended together into an impactful, two-day event. When you attend the SOURCE conference, you know the content will always be top-notch. Event Highlights: - World class InfoSec Talks - Three tracks - 25+ speakers - Business, technical and people-related talks - Excellent networking opportunities - Public speaking workshop - Malware analysis workshop - SPECIAL GUEST: Arizona Cyber Warfare Range! Designated speakers 1) Grant Sewell, Global Information Security; 2) Rafal Los, Managing Director, Solution & Program Insight; 3) Caroline Wong, Vice President of Security Strategy at; and many more.

Key Information

Monday, February Mo, yyyy 8:00 AM
Event Duration: 4 Days
Mesa-Phoenix, AZ United States
Cost: $249 - $499

SOURCE Training & Conference 2018 | Conference

Monday, February Mo, yyyy 8:00 AM

Mesa-Phoenix, AZ, United States