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Cloud Security Summit & Training 2019

Cloud-based services are becoming increasingly more attractive to organizations as they offer cost savings, flexibility, and increased operational efficiency. However, protecting systems, applications, and data in the cloud presents a new set of challenges for organizations to overcome. Security teams need to adapt and learn how to utilize the tools, controls, and design models needed to properly secure the cloud. The Cloud Security Summit & Training will bring together a unique combination of real-world user experiences and case studies, as well as practical, technical training focused on specific approaches and skills for building and maintaining a secure cloud infrastructure. As an attendee, you’ll explore current approaches, tools, and techniques with fellow practitioners facing similar cloud-related security challenges.

Key Information

Tuesday, April Tu, yyyy
Event Duration: 7 Days
San Jose, California United States
Cost: $1,890 - $6,610

Cloud Security Summit & Training 2019 | Course

Tuesday, April Tu, yyyy

San Jose, California, United States