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Cryptography and Hardware Security in Cyber Physical Systems

Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) is a close association between computational and communication blocks (referred to as “cyber”) and components for sens- ing real data and actuating thereof (referred to as “physical”). While CPS is a tremendous enabler to improved quality of living conditions around the world, the combination of physical systems with the cyber world pose threats which, if not catered, can lead to catastrophic consequences. The subsystems involved in the CPS are at a larger exposure with an adversary increasing the feasibility of physical attacks which can jeopardize security. The ex- treme longevity of CPS also necessitates the ability of the CPS components for enduring new attacks which are constantly being surfaced. What makes security in CPS all the more challenging is that these threats and security challenges are often to be mitigated in extremely constrained environments due to factors low-cost and low-energy specifications.

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