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Le Tour Du Hack 2022

Le Tour Du Hack’s purpose is to teach guests about cybersecurity in an interesting, inventive, and distinctive way. The inaugural Le Tour Du Hack, a weekend face-to-face CTF tournament aimed at students interested in cybersecurity in the Edinburgh region, took place in 2017. Across 200 people from all over the UK came to Le Tour Du Hack 2019 to compete in a variety of disciplines including web application exploitation, reverse engineering, and exploit development. This is in addition to sponsors such as Lloyd’s Bank, JP Morgan, and others. The 2021 edition of Le Tour Du Hack was staged as an online CTF for all skill levels to compete in while we were still locked online due to reasons beyond our control.

Key Information

Saturday, April Sa, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
London United Kingdom
Cost: £2 – £40