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NYC Media Lab Combine Mentor Program

The NYC Media Lab Combine Mentor Program is a structured set of touch-points (examples: meetings, activities, communication channels) for Mentors in NYC Media Lab’s accelerator. Mentors are exposed to the innovative startup ventures of the Combine cohort, and Mentors help develop the capacity of the teams as they approach the Final Demo Day of the program. Who can participate as a Mentor? 1) NYC Media Lab Corporate Members; 2) Startup founders who want to give back and share their experiences with first-time entrepreneurs; 3) Corporate executives from strategy, venture, R&D, marketing, business development, design, engineering, and data science. We recommend Mentors have 6+ years of business experience; 4) Faculty experts who can share their entrepreneurial experiences; 5) If you are interested in this program, we invite you to join.

Key Information

Thursday, January 11, 2018
Event Duration: 93 Days
New York United States

NYC Media Lab Combine Mentor Program | Course

Thursday, January 11, 2018

New York, United States