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(San Francisco) Cyber Crisis Response Planning Boot Camp

This is a THREE-DAY immersion boot camp for members of the CISO organization and its key stakeholders across all industries. Lunch, refreshments and snacks are included. Please contact us with special meal requirements. During the fog of war (cyber crisis) is not the time to figure out how to respond. An effective response requires careful planning across an organization. This in-depth, hands-on immersive boot camp gives attendees the knowledge and tools to complete their own Cyber Crisis Response Plan / Cyber Crisis Management Plan (CCRP / CCMP).

Key Information

Tuesday, January Tu, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
San Francisco, California United States
Cost: US$3,524.95 – US$4,524.95

(San Francisco) Cyber Crisis Response Planning Boot Camp | Course

Tuesday, January Tu, yyyy

San Francisco, California, United States