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SANS Pen Test Austin: Virtual Edition 2021

SANS Pen Test Austin: Virtual Edition 2021 (April 19-24, CDT) is six days of in-depth, hands-on penetration testing, red teaming, purple teaming, and exploit development training for professionals who need to know how to find vulnerabilities within their organizations, understand risk, and prioritize resources based on potential real-world attacks. This event isn't just for penetration testers or red team members; it is for any information security professional who wants to understand the mindset, tools, and techniques used by those who intrude where they don't belong. If you like to break things, put them back together, find out how they work, and mimic the actions of real-world bad guys—all the while providing real business value to your organization—this event is for you! View the line-up of cutting-edge offensive operations courses, and register now to learn from leading industry experts.

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