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Cloud & Cyber Security Expo 2021

In difficult times like the one that affects us today across the globe, it is important to remember the primary objective of trade shows: a trade show is above all the opportunity for the market to meet, learn and collaborate together. The events industry supports businesses of all sizes and the economy in general. Cloud & Cyber Security Expo is part of this and we will overcome all obstacles so our annual meeting fulfils this mission. 2020 presented us with an array of challenges, 2021 will be filled with opportunities. The past year was our chance to reflect on what happened and plan for the future. But it was also the occasion for us to review and rethink our approach as event organisers. With a revamped content agenda, a brand new format and stacks of opportunities to cease, Cloud & Cyber Security Expo 2021 will be our most ambitious iteration in a decade.

Key Information

Wednesday, July We, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
London United Kingdom