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Workshop on Security and Privacy-Enhanced Big Data (SPEBD)

This workshop aims to highlight emerging security and privacy challenges as enterprises continue to adopt and incorporate big data capabilities and technologies into business operations. Additionally, we highlight research into technologies and techniques that will mitigate these challenges. The organizers maintain that individuals and organizations need not relinquish expectations of security and privacy in order to live in a society that makes use of the power of big data analytics. We invite research into new and innovative methods, techniques, and proofs-of-concept supported by strong theory/algorithms and simulation/experiments to submit Regular Papers for this workshop. We are also accepting Demo Papers where authors can showcase developed technology and processes as well as present code for review.

Key Information

Monday, August Mo, yyyy
Event Duration: 4 Days
Hamburg Germany
Cost: EUR 150 - EUR 620

Workshop on Security and Privacy-Enhanced Big Data (SPEBD) | Others

Monday, August Mo, yyyy

Hamburg, Germany