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Angelbeat Wilmington

Some of the specific topics covered by speakers (click on their picture below to read their linkedin profile) are: • Private/Public/Hybrid Cloud Architecture and Strategy • Managing Multi-Cloud Environments using Azure, GCP, AWS • Identifying and Stopping Malware Hidden within SSL/Encrypted Traffic • Malware, Ransomware, Zero-Day Attacks Analysis and Solutions • Security Platforms to Protect Cloud-Based Applications and Confidential Data • Hyperconverged Data Center Infrastructure • Storage and Unstructured/Structured Data Management

Key Information

Monday, August Mo, yyyy 8:00 AM
Event Duration: 1 Days
Wilmington, Delaware United States
Cost: $19.89 -$300

Angelbeat Wilmington | Seminar

Monday, August Mo, yyyy 8:00 AM

Wilmington, Delaware, United States