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SESIP - Simplifying Security Evaluation in IoT

As connected devices continue to expand into all industries, the attack surface for criminals increases. Today, the average time it takes for an IoT device to be attacked, once connected to the internet, is just five minutes. Although security guidelines and certification schemes are helping address the IoT security challenge, connected products comprise many parts from different actors. This creates a complicated ecosystem in which device makers and vendors must be able to demonstrate the robustness of their services. GlobalPlatform has published the SESIP (Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms) Methodology to address the scale and complexity of security evaluation in the IoT ecosystem by offering an optimized approach, specifically designed for IoT platforms and their parts. The methodology also allows for the ’composition and reuse’ of certified components, so that they can be used to meet the requirements of multiple markets.

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Wednesday, October We, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
Barcelona Spain
Cost: $0 - $99