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15th Annual Information Security Summit 2020

Amidst the rapidly changing digitization landscape and the highly volatile cyberspace, it becomes important to stay current on the present context and anticipate the challenges in the offing. AISS agenda is typically characterized by presence of a diverse set of themes, sub themes, topics and sub-topics, multiple tracks, varied session formats and plethora of activities and experiences that make up for a rich three-day engagement and learning for the delegates. This edition shall entail deliberations around the sub themes of architectural changes due to Digitization (Zero Trust, Microservices Security Architecture, Password Less Authentication), Cyber Security Strategy, Data Driven Organizations, 5G Security, Protection of Critical Infrastructure, End to End Encryption, Zero Knowledge Proofs, Crypto Innovation, Business Resiliency, Threat Hunting and Intelligence, Advanced Targeted Campaigns, Future of Work, Board Level Agenda, Cyber Insurance et. al

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