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9th Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Europe & UK

Modern railway infrastructure must be protected from cyberattacks, but this is often overlooked or neglected in the rush to digital transformation. To stay competitive, businesses must adopt new technology, processes, and business models, all of which have the potential to generate tremendous shareholder value but also pose a security risk. The rise in supply chain and ransomware assaults across vital infrastructure and manufacturing industries has demonstrated how susceptible our interconnected systems are, and the transportation industry is no different. How can we innovate in a safe manner? Transport and logistics are critical to the worldwide prosperity of global economies. The Cyber Senate Rail Cybersecurity Summit, now in its seventh year, will provide a unique venue for cyber security professionals, product makers, and asset owners to better define how we interact, discuss best practices, and define our maturity in acting on intelligence.

Key Information

Tuesday, November Tu, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
London United Kingdom