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Africa Cyber Defense Summit 2018

Africa Cyber Space Network (ACN) a premier international cyber protection Network that is at the forefront in Africa’s Cyber Security protection initiative. The ACN develops and manages the national, Sub-regional and regional strategic direction for cyber security in collaboration with the Internet Security corporations, Telecommunication Networks, Government Agencies, and other key partners. As a Key driver for cyber security in Africa, the ACN identifies risks, provides guidance to protect critical assets, produces threat intelligence, promotes information sharing, and coordinates efforts to respond to and recover from national cyber incidents. The current threads on cyber security are worrying and need a robust strategy that galvanizes different stakeholders to monitors, analyze and disseminate the situational analysis for awareness creation.

Key Information

Monday, July Mo, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
Nairobi Kenya

Africa Cyber Defense Summit 2018 | Summit

Monday, July Mo, yyyy

Nairobi, Kenya