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AWS Summit Shenzhen

The AWS Technology Summit is a large-scale cloud technology event that Amazon Web Services (AWS) tours every year in many cities around the world. In 2019, it will host three events in mainland China. At that time, AWS will work with Xiyun Data, Halo New Network, AWS Partner Network (APN) partners and customers to showcase AWS's latest products and services, and explore cutting-edge cloud technologies and best practices. At the AWS Technology Summit, you can meet face-to-face with in-depth technology instructors and over 10,000 builders and industry leaders at home and abroad to learn about AWS in computing, storage, networking, databases, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and data analytics. Solutions and innovation horizons in areas such as automated operations, Internet of Things, security and compliance.

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Friday, September Fr, yyyy
Event Duration: 1 Days
Shenzhen China

AWS Summit Shenzhen | Summit

Friday, September Fr, yyyy

Shenzhen, China