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Cybersecurity Summit: New Delhi

The region is most vulnerable to cyberattacks in the country as attackers continue to target critical infrastructure sectors, including energy, telecom, utility, defense, and other government sectors. The changing nature of global cyberspace is impacting these sectors as the industry is witnessing a surge in ransomware attacks, quasi-kinetic cyberwar, agitation in the darkweb resulting in a hacker war, phishing, financial cybercrime, and more. CISOs have the daunting task of unlocking new strategies to fight emerging threats and constantly understand the hacker's moves. Besides, the challenges of the inter-connected world have kept security leaders on their toes to establish a frictionless secure ecosystem. The enterprise's success will depend on its endurance to balance offense and defense to mitigate these threats with the right tools, technologies, and best practices.

Key Information

Wednesday, August We, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
New Delhi India