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FT Cyber Security Summit

The fifth annual FT Cyber Security Summit will continue to explore global cyber threats being faced and which business preparedness, resilience and solutions are required to ensure a robust defence. Leading experts will talk about a range of issues, including preparing for what’s next, building a security-focussed corporate culture, driving adoption of Nextgen security solutions, maintaining credibility after a hack, how to approach data privacy; in addition to interactive business continuity and resilience scenario planning activities. Moderated by Financial Times journalists, this event will provide a thorough interactive assessment of the dangers in cyberspace and how businesses and governments are investing in better defences for a more secure future.

Key Information

Monday, October Mo, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
London United Kingdom
Cost: £899 - £2,898

FT Cyber Security Summit | Summit

Monday, October Mo, yyyy

London, United Kingdom