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Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit 2019

Customer experience concerns everyone from the CEO to the CMO and even the CIO. Emerging technology, customer-centricity and effective use of customer data are critical elements to ensuring your CX strategy is as powerful as possible in a competitive and digital landscape. At Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit 2019, you’ll find comprehensive coverage of today’s top priorities for CX leaders. Deliver a seamless experience, regardless of the channel a customer chooses to use Develop a clear CX vision and strategy in your organization Understand how to use artificial intelligence to deliver a fantastic experience Unlock the real business value in your customer data Elevate CX through customer journey design and monitoring Provide personalized customer interaction across a multichannel environment Design B2C and B2B CX strategies with “moments of truth”

Key Information

Wednesday, May We, yyyy
Event Duration: 2 Days
London United Kingdom
Cost: €2,125 - €2,775

Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit 2019 | Summit

Wednesday, May We, yyyy

London, United Kingdom