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Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019

To survive and thrive in the digital era, now is the time to drive data and analytics into the core of your business and scale outward to every employee, customer, supplier and partner. At Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, we’ll help you create the future — a future based on data you can trust, analytics you can rely on, and the insight needed to make game-changing business decisions. Join us for thought-leading sessions on how to: - Make analytics and insight part of the DNA for every employee, action, business process and decision; - Develop a foundation of business trust through data quality, security, privacy and governance; - Build and execute a world-class data and analytics strategy; - Modernize your infrastructure and adopt new architectural approaches to support digital transformation.

Key Information

Monday, February Mo, yyyy 1:00 PM
Event Duration: 2 Days
Sydney Australia
Cost: $2,600 - $3,250

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019 | Summit

Monday, February Mo, yyyy 1:00 PM

Sydney, Australia