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H-ISAC Hybrid Spring Summit 2022

The H-ISAC Global Summits bring together healthcare security stakeholders to exchange, network, and learn. Healthcare professionals may exchange best practices, lessons gained, and innovative ideas and solutions with their colleagues at the Summits. The Summits also give attendees the chance to meet and network with peers in the healthcare security industry. Finally, the Summits give attendees the chance to learn from others and apply what they’ve learned to their own businesses. H-ISAC Summits extend the security operations teams of healthcare organizations outside their four walls and workforce. Over 5,000 worldwide healthcare analysts exchange threat intelligence, vulnerability warnings, daily physical and cyber security reports, and other information. One organization’s defense becomes the community’s offensive through sharing danger information.

Key Information

Tuesday, May Tu, yyyy
Event Duration: 3 Days
Cost: $149 - $349